On Oct. 3, 1998, Saturday morning, leave Vancouver and allow minimum one hour to Squamish. Drive straight to Squamish, go to the Highlands Mall which is five kilometers straight up the road from the McDonalds. Go into the Chevron Gas Station (check tire pressure). This is the last stop for gas or snacks. (Make sure you fill you tank full of gas) Meet camera crew and cast at Highland Hotel, Highland Mall, Hwy 99, Squamish. Due to the revised filming schedule, there will be two departures from the Highland Mall. a. 8:00 a.m. camera crew and cast leaving to set up on location. b. 9:00 a.m. the second convoy will be led by Ray Label (will have my cellphone: (218-4895). He will be wearing a cowboy hat and driving a .... He will be parked in front of the drugstore. Lunch will be served, but please bring a snack and umbrellas? Back on to the highway 99 and travel north for 5 Klms make a left on to Squamish River Valley Road. On up through Cheakamus IR #11. Follow the mile markers travelling on road "S" and road "G" The road is paved until Mile 20 and a good gravel road begins after that. At mile 37, turn left and cross the bridge. Continue along, make another left across another bridge at mile 43.5 and keep right on the main road til mile 44. Peaches Falls is on the left with a sign "Molson's Park" in the front of Peaches Creek. Park your vehicle on one side of road only to allow traffic through. Please respect the environment and practise zero impact camping. Location: The Sims River Valley, 35 miles northwest of Squamish via Cheakamus River Valley The waterfall runs west to the east, the road runs north to south on the east side of the falls The area is approximately 8,000 square feet, consisting of 3,000 square feet of flatland 20 feet above the creek below the waterfalls on the south side of the creek and 5,000 square feet below, near the road bordered by the creek on the east side, forest on the noth and open valley to the south. The falls are quite misty, will need special hoods to stop the mist forming on the camera lenses. The cast: Steven Chan Gibby Rev. Gene Harry Dolly Label Ben Simen-Falvy Greg Simen-Falvy Rick Simen-Falvy The Drummers The Squamish Nation The Williams Family Sequoia Trueblood Bill Williams Scene 1: The drummers are in place, playing drums in the background, in the upper flat area carpeted by moss by the waterfall on the south side of the falls. The procession gathers at the bottom of the falls, in the parking area and walks up toward the falls. The procession begins, Squamish dancers are active around the edge of the creek, and the edge of the forest leading up toward the waterfall. The procession begins and walks through them with the camera taking in both the dancers and the procession, cleansing with candles as passing. The procession is led by Rev. Harry and Sequoia Trueblood singing/chanting followed by Ben with his two sons carrying the remains. followed by the immediate family and the rest of the guests. Bill telling the creation story, walk up to the falls near the drummers. Scene 2 - approximately 3 minutes Steven Chan in white and gold tai chi custume. Below the falls - just above the dancers - tai chi movements "The Praying Manta". He becomes visible as a silhouette when the procession arrives at the bottom of the falls. The camera from behind takes in the three - the procession, the drummers, and tai chi. Scene 3 Testimonials (On lower level) opening speach by gibby Gibby and Jean are covered with a traditional blanket and the ceremony begins with Ben and his sons pinning money onto the blanket with safety pins. Dolly or Mom to talk about Liza's childhood? The guests gather around in a half circle, drums in the background, dancers throughout the scene. Witnesses Testimonials given by Jocelyn, Donna Billy, Sally, Jackie, and anyone else. Perhaps Eric . Scene 4: Scene 4 is on the north side of the creek below the waterfalls. (Rev. Harry singing, scattering the ashes/remains in a cedar basket and urn.) Ben center, Rick & Greg on each side. Ben begins by handing the ashes, the remains over to Rick and cleansing himself in the creek, washing his face and his hands, the water running through his fingers, perhaps a few words he hands the remains back to Ben and waits while his two son cleanse themselves in the river. The Rev. Harry cleanses the trio with a candle, the prays in the background while Ben, or Rev. Harry uses the ashes to put a mark on the forehead of his sons and on their cheeks and then on his own face. Scene 5: Scattering the Ashes Dolly to hold the ashes? Allow the ashes to fall into the creek, by Ben's holding the remains The two sons both reach into the urn and take out handful of ashes and return it to the creek. Perhaps a few words by Ben Final words by Ben Thirty years, ten thousand nights; I held you in my arms; it seems like such a short time. Our love that began some many summers ago does not end here this morning.... One day when the heavens meet the earth and the mountains meet the ocean our ashes will explode into the sky. Then...... Sye-maht, my love, we will be one again. Ben: ALL MY RELATIONS Rev.Jean: ALL MY RELATIONS and drums and chanting in the background, singing. Wardrobe: Safety pins 4 - 5 rolls of quarters Cedar basket Talking feather Leather vests for Greg and Rick Horsetail drum Logs for drummers to sit on - Arnie 3 cowichan sweaters 5 indian blankets 1 slab for table - Arnie Towels and change of clothes shoes for Greg, Rick & Ben Name of Singer. Hair for Jocelyn Sweet grass braids Ray - bring can of gas Urn from Rick Bear Claw Necklace After the ceremonies her baby sister Dolly, walked up to me and her words just bursted out; " I love you Ben".