Kindred Spirits

Driving through the countryside in the Usa, the tiny roadside church invited me in. Drove past this same little church hundreds of times and never stopped before. Appropriately enough it was Sunday. The bible was open on the altar and the words were there for me to read.

We are only a vapor that appears for a short time and then disappears again. James5.

Meet her at the PNE. A pretty little hippy girl in a long skirt carrying a packsack. The date is September 1998. When she accidentally touched my hand her aura scorched me and I felt her past reach out to me.

Castles and Princesses in an ancient land. A land gone long ago ?

Her name took me back exactly thirty years, to Main Street, 11.30pm on New Years Eve.
I liked her instantly. Her name is Melinda Voros and she is an attorney and a sailor.
Standing behind the mast, alone; harnessing the immense power of the wind, the solitude. Takes a special person; it must be exhilirating. I envy her.

She is Hungarian. The few words she spoke in Hungarian had the accent of the southern prairies. In her blue eyes I see the reflection of the hot summer sky of the Hungarian Puszta; the man swinging their scythe harvesting grain followed closely by gleaners, their woman in bright native dresses. I remember those small towns; walking down the street every passerby stops and greets you with respect.

On Saturday we attended a formal event sponsored by the Indian Consul to celebrate the Independence of India. She stole the show in her exquisite East Indian dress. I thought about her the next day. I was born too soon and she was born too late. Got busy but the mystery must of still lingered in the back of my mind.
I'm so busy. I don't need this.
Why do I feel that I know her ?

Walking around the Flee Market on Sunday this object jumps out from all the clutter. An omen that there is more ? That I must continue the search ?

A few days later we met for lunch at Minter Gardens.
Hello Melinda !
She arrived a few minutes late, nervous like if it was her first date.
Pink jacket over the dress she made.
We spoke of the present and the past and for the first time ever, the scientist within me was loosing the battle. I did not care. I wanted to believe. I wanted to believe past lives, karma, reincarnation, all the unexplained mysteries I struggled with for months.
She allowed me a glimpse into her life and dreams.
I wanted to believe every word she said.
Did a spirit guide me to her to make me believe ? I wanted to, so bad !
A cyberfriend from Bucharest wrote to comfort me and told me that "life is continuous, birth and death are only gates that we pass through" on our way. The one who sees behind these is a seer or a Shaman like Liza.

Liza was a true Shaman. Her spirit world surrounded and guided her throughout her life and I was an unwilling passenger on this journey for thirtythree years. I just went along for the ride. She often spoke of past worlds and future lives and promised to return to me in an other form. Now I'm apprehensive and subconsciously on a lookout for signs.

Melinda loved the dolphins. Takes so little to make her happy.
We lead such a busy lives. It took five phone calls of telephone tag to ask a single question; an invitation to attend filming on location in an ancient forest at Peaches Falls in the mountains North of Whistler.