God and I When the churchbell rings we both come out fighting. I'm blinded by angry tears, swinging at anything and everything that's in my way and his Almighty calmly sparres off my fists and hugs me in a bearhug.

I'm so angry at God. Does he know what's his doing. Does he know what his done. The only thing that ever mattered in my life is gone forever. I'm so empty, so lonely. No purpose in my life.

Oh, please, someone; HELP ME, HELP ME...

I met someone at the PNE ! A little hippy girl in a long skirt and a packsack on her shoulder. Why did she make me feel that I have known her since eternity? Was she the Princess in a castle and I'm the frog that waited a thousand years to be awakened ? Was she guided to me by a kindred spirit ? It's an impossible dream. She has that special laughter that I have seen before; the way she holds her head and smiles with her blue eyes.

He eyes are blue like the summer sky and deep like the Ocean holding secret treasures buried deep within her soul.