I'm looking at an old photograph of the two of us.

I have seen the Seven Wonders of this World and how insignificant they are compared to us standing before a blossoming tree that we have planted together some years ago.

Liza spent her bi-annual sabbatical in the retreat in San Diego and we made plans to pick her up and drive back through the desert, stopping in Las Vegas at the Health Convention.

We left Canada Thursday night and promised to pick her up on Saturday at 5.00am in Lemon Grove. After I dropped the boys off at Disneyland I continued South. I arrived in San Diego around 5.00am as scheduled and I stopped at the Naval base to take a nap and did not wake up until 7.30. Within halfhour I was at her cottage and found her sitting on her suitcases waiting for me since five a clock. She sat out there in the cold desert air for 3 hours waiting, while I slept. Lost those three hours forever. What would I give now, for those three hours !!! My life? It's not worth anything without her.

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