Eat Your Heart Out Tutankahmen

Driving East in the Valley for so many years I always marvelled at the majesty and beauty of Mount Baker never imagening the impact it will have on my life.

In the 60's we had a cabin at the foot of the mountain and spent our weekends playing in the snow. The next thirtythree years went by fast but those memories will always remain.

Liza was born in the shadow of Garibaldi mountain and grow up on the farm along the Squamish River surrounded by the coastal rainforest. She followed her dreams and I was so lucky to be included in them later on.

Her ancient name was given to her in the final ceremony by the Great Chief, her father, before his death. Syemaat, translates " The Great Wind in the Montains" She was a princess not only by birth but the way she have treated others that were fortunate to cross her path. I'm so sad for Us, for all the things that can never Be.

I remember how she suffered and the constant pain that no medication would cover. I'm glad she is gone. Now that I said it, I feel better. Took me a long time to say this. I'm still waiting for her to come home and it will be a long time before I give that up. Her dresser, her house is the way she left it when the ambulance took her in to the hospital.

Mount Baker is waiting for me. I stop and I look every morning at the fresh snow shining in the morning sun. The time is near when I must make the climb to the summit to spread her ashes on the glacier. Her last wish to be there to look down on us. I will bury her ashes in the tradition of my ancestor Attilla the Hun. His triple coffin was made of gold, silver and lead. Her time capsule will be the same containing her ashes and the words she wrote, her promise that we will meet again.

Summers come and summers go and they turn into fall and then spring again but for me time has stopped last winter. Memories follow me wherever I go, the places we been, the things we done. There was two of us against the World and now I'm alone.