Return-path: Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 00:06:28 -0500 From: Jo Ciaramitaro Reply-To: To: Ben Simen-Falvy Subject: Re: holidays Ben Simen-Falvy wrote: > > At 11:48 PM 12/25/97 -0500, you wrote: > >Ben Simen-Falvy wrote:>> > >> It is good to see you still surfing Jo. Wish you the best during this>> > holiday season and most of all GOOD HEALTH to All. Hydrazine Ben > >>Ben, thanks for thinking of me. I wish you a blessed holiday also. >Mine > has been pretty difficult so far. My dad is in the hospital. His > >lung cancer has spread to the brain, and he's not doing very well. So >we > are all doing the best we can right now. > >>That's all for now. > >>God bless,>Jo > This is the first Christmas without her. She has decorated our tree for 33 > years. > >I lost someone I love very much and I feel your fear and desperation in > your brief note. It's been a long 41 days now and each day is somewhat > different but not any less painful. The tears come easy and my feelings > change with the days. Today I feel guilty for not trying harder to find a > cure and often putting off little things to do for her, and now it's too late. > I also realize that the tears are for ME , I am the one that's left behind, > she is with her Ancestors and her Creator. > How selfish of me of wanting her to be alive and suffer so terribly just to > be with me for another day. > I'm in an awfully depressing business, we sell experimental medications > like hydrazine sulfate and azt for terminally ill patients and our > victories are far and few between. We do save many lifes and I'm so > greatful to GOd for that; > I just don't understand WHY my loved one was taken. I'm torn between > science and myth; it is such a comfort to believe that there is another > time and another place where we can happy and > be all together again. > Your Dad is in God's hand and you must try to let him go and I know now that> God will give you the strenght to face tomorrow. > The Dacians rejoiced for their dead and cried for the newborn for they > faced a life of suffering until they returned to their God. > Do not fear the unknown, for each day brings a new challenge and one day > your tears will become tears of happiness for the ones that are in a better > world. > My prayers are for you, for > God is Healer and His Power is within You. > Merry Christmas, > Your Cyberfriend, > Ben > > > "GOD IS A HEALER - THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU" > Syamaat, The Herbalist To Ben, my Cyberfriend, Ben, I did not know that your wife passed away. I am so deeply sorry. I can hear the pain in your words. Getting through this first Christmas without her must have been very difficult. I hope you had some friends and family to turn to during that time. You are right. Your wife is in a far, far better place, where you too will one day be. What a reunion that will be. Joy once again! My Dad has not been very well. That's the reason I have not answered your post until now. I have been staying with my parents, and they don't have a computer. However, I finally brought mine here to their house. I really don't have too much time to go on-line, though. Plus they only have one phone line, and I don't want to tie it up during the day, so my on-line time is limited to the late hours of the day. We entered my Dad in the Hospice program when he came home from the hospital the day before New Years' Eve. We have a hospital bed, wheelchair, bedside comode, and bed table-tray, all in the living room. It takes 2 people at all times to tend to his needs and still get the daily household things done. There is one thing that we are grateful for (well, actually there's more than one, but this is the most important one), and that is that although my Dad is very weak, he is not in any pain. What a blessing! Of course, we are taking this all "one day at a time" as I'm sure you did, and probably still are. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless, Jo