Her Doctors Dream !
HER DREAM was so real, I was told; and this is the way I remember it:
"Liza is laying down, dressed in a beautiful satin gown. Her eyes are closed, resting. Her skin is soft and the pain is gone. Ben is standing besides her and his left arm is swollen like Liza's was with edema.

Barbara is standing on the other side of the bed when Liza opens her eyes and smiles. Her eyes are full of love that embraces both of us. She looks again longingly at Ben like if it was for the last time then her gaze moves on to Barbara, her eyes twinkle, almost mischeviously when she slowly gets up and walks out of the room, looking back as she fades away in the distance; leaving two of us standing in the room."

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

I know how hard we all try not to take our work home but sometimes, some people, do touch our lives in a special way. Liza had a special aura that reflected her love and compassion for all who came in contact with her. My loss is shared by many who have known her over the years.Strangers walk up to me offering condolences and recalling stories about her.

I was looking toward Mount Baker, sparkling in the sunshine in it's fresh white coat, thinking of the climb to the top to scatter her ashes, when she came to me to explain your dream.

I will treasure this dream and in time I would like to share this dream with you. It's too soon for me; still find it too difficult to reflect. Intelligence is the curse of our humanity; I'm in limbo between science and myth; it is such a comfort to believe that there is another time and an other place. Liza was so very spiritual and sincerely believed in an afterworld.

I'm torn apart and this time I just do not want to give this up.

The Dacians rejoiced when someone died. They believed that they returned to Mother Earth and cried for the newborns because of a lifetime of pain and suffering that lay ahead.

I feel that you have shared my pain and I thank you for that. I realize now that it was selfish of me trying to keep her alive. She struggled so hard to stay alive, suffering terribly to be with me for just one more hour, one more day. God must have been looking the other way.

I have been told many times that time heals and I must believe this to continue life. I have to carry on the work she has started. Preserving her memory helps me to relax and heal.

I'm looking at the long road ahead of me and it's different from the one we envisioned thirty-three years ago.

I'm travelling alone and wondering what's around the next corner. There are no U turns and the speed is a lot faster. I know I will get there, I just cannot see the next stop.

Thank you too for caring for Liza.It is such a sad ending to such a beautiful story.

It's always nice to see you, so please stop by when in the neighborhood.
Until next time.
your friend, Ben

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