The Council of the Squamish Nation and all our Family

I can not find words to express our gratitude for all the love and devotion put into the final arrangements for Priscilla , my wife, the Mother of our sons and a Sister to you all.

Your sharing of our grief has given us strength and will continually support us in the difficult days ahead.

I have sent you a copy of Sye-Maht's video to help you to remember her the way she was, before this terrible illness left her with a broken body. The incredible bone pain in her final days and the fluid on her lungs were impossible to cope with. How will I ever forget the terror in her eyes, her one good hand reaching out for help as she drowned over and over again.

She died like a true Warrior, nothing could break her Spirit. She remained strong and fought until the end.

Thank you Merciful God.

She will be missed by all.

Enclosed are the words I spoke at the celebration of my beloved wife's return to the Heavens; her return to her Ancestral Home and Family and to The Great Spirit that guides us all.

These are the final words written on her letterhead; for she is no more .