Spoken by Ben, at the celebration of her death, after the service at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church on the waterfront in North Vancouver, following the dinner and testimonials in the Squamish Nations Recreational Center beside the Longhouse.


Someone, a great man, said that!
I know her love will give me the strength to speak today. My heart is heavy with sorrow and the words are buried deep; but my mind is clear. I remember the first time she took me to the Valley of the Squamish. I met the late Chief, her father; David George Williams and his wife, Laura. He took me into his home, into his life, into his heart. A lonely stranger, from a far away land, I was welcomed into this family. We stayed at Taha's house - I remember the old stove; the forever boiling kettle - to make tea for the never ending guests. I cherished the stories Taha told. You were all young people then. Thirty years flew by. Now that I'm old, in my wisdom, I wish I had stayed longer and listened more. I travelled tens of thousands of miles, across the ocean to meet my princess.

One day when the heavens meet the earth and the mountains meet the sea our ashes will explode into the sky. Then...... Sye-maht, my love, we will be one again.

When I asked our good friend, the Healer, Sequoia Trueblood, where did he live; he told me his home was this Mother Earth and he travelled to where the Great Spirit guided him.

My Great Spirit Guide made this land my home and made all of you my family.

Now, ... today, ...I really understand the meaning of the phrase, that includes, "the Heavens, the Earth and all living creatures within."

"All my Relations"

I am very proud to be one of this family.

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