The small family cemetery is in Brackendale alongside the Squamish River, unknown numbers of generation of her family has been buried there since time immemorial.

Her last wish to have me carry her ashes to the top of Mount Baker and scatter her remains on the glacier will be done in the spring when the snowconditions allow an expedition to the top of the mountain. Some of her ashes will be scattered so she may return to Mother Earth and the Ocean, the Mother to as all; when the Glacier waters will reach the Sea.

I will bury her in the tradition of my ancestor, Attilla the Hun. Her ashes and her diary will be encased in a triple time capsule. The innermost chamber is made from pure gold enclosed in a silver vessel and the on the outside the third container will be stainless steel. It will take five to seven thousand years for the vessel to reach the bottom of the glacier, the headwaters of the Glaciers Creek. Only then someone may find it and will learn about the life and love we shared so long ago.

She was the first in her family be cremated and her Uncle Alec asked to have some of her ashes buried with her Mother Mary Louise and her Grandmother Taha. Some of her ashes were returned to Mother Earth on October 4th,1998 in a special ceremony filmed by CBC at Peaches Falls.

The old people share the common grave. Their remains had to be moved to higher ground when the Squamish River started to erode the lower part of the cemetery grounds.

Her headstone will list the name of her ancestors that are buried with her.

The plot is shared by:

Contact Information:

  • Ben SimenFalvy
  • 617 Cherry Street
  • P.O. Box 2000
  • SUMAS, WA. 98295-2000
  • Box 550
  • Abbotsford, BC. V2S 5Z5
Canada Phone : (604) 856-0171 Fax: (604) 856-3108

Please direct all correspondence to the above address.


S y e m a a t

"Quiet wind in the Mountains"


"There was so much more to do"
February 19, 1945 - November 16, 1997

Taha Monica Williams
c.1880 - 17 Dec 1972
Madeline ( Billy ) Dan
1 Apr 1889 - 8 Jan 1949
Mary Louise Jacobs Williams
29 Jul 1922 - 3 Aug 1945
Thomas Williams
4 Jan 1938 - 11 Nov 1945
Baby Jane Kermeen
9 Jul 1959
Many Unnamed Ancestors !

May they all rest in peace

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