My Dearest Enid ! I'm so sorry that I did not wake up when you stopped by my hospital bed. I was waiting so long for your visit. I cried and cried, heartbreaking, grownup cries. I cried for me because I know I missed my last chance.

We talked with Ben about the best friend I ever had, many times, over the past year. I always looked forward to the brief visits in your parking lot, on my way to treatments. When I was sad, I remembered your wonderful laugh to cheer me up, I remembered the plans we made, silly plans; getting old together, two old friends.

So sorry that over the past year you could never find the time to have the lunches we planned , I waited every Tuesday, looking at my phone, waiting for the ring. It was'nt meant to be.

I wish you everything I can not have; good health, a happy family and many healthy years to enjoy and share their happiness.

Difficult to concentrate, my pain confuses me and I loose my line of taught. My time is near and I'm looking forward to leave this poor tortured body behind. Sometimes I see the Mom I have never seen and my Grandmother Taha, dancing with the stars, so happy, so beautiful, so quiet.

I can not write any more with my shaky hand so I'm dictating to Ben and he is messing up the paper with his tears. It's so much harder for the ones that are left behind. How I wish it could be different.

There is so much more to tell and there is so little time; I'm tired now.....

Maybe tomorrow is not to late....

"Liza fell asleep," ................. Ben