Nov 21,96. I'm loosing my independence.
Need help with more and more of my daily tasks.
The right hand is completely useless; the morphine tablets only masks the pain.
This monster is gnawing away at my bones.
The lymphopress does not help.
My right arm is the size of my calf , the left is like Olive's.
The mysterious lesions; sores are drying up ?
They start out like a little bump on the skin and grow worst daily.
The largest one on my leg is a size of a quarter.
I'm dabbing them with pure Jojoba Oil twice a day.
Three small sores on my right arm are drying up. Can it be the Jojoba Oil ?
Time will tell.
In their later stage they look like the sores I had on my knee after scraping the skin off rollerscating with Sally, down Taylor Way.
Long time ago, when I was a little girl. I find it difficult to concentrate and write.
Must be the painkillers.

Nov 25,96.
Pain, pain, pain, Just give me one day off.
It's been so long I've forgatten what it's like to have no pain.
The Forum is almost ready.
I'm looking forward to correspond with others > Does everyone suffers like I do?
The months fly by and the hours crawl away how much longer ? and Why I'm still here?