Syemaat the Herbalist speaking to the Seniors at St. Ann's Catholic Church.


Welcome Everyone!

Most of you know me from the Health Food Store as Liza....

I am Syemat, Coastal Salish of the Squamish Nation. I am honoured to carry this name,meaning the "quiet winds in the mountain". It was my great grandmother's name......

Not every family gets to have this privilege because it cost a lot of money and it takes a lot of organization.

Our father was a chief and this was his last gift to his children before he passed on.

Hundreds of people are invited from as far away as people know, and it was an honour to be a witness of this celebration!

The ceremony goes on all day long, sometimes longer, because of the speeches, indian dancing and feasting of native foods from all over.... And after, when all these people went home with their present or presents, these special blankets, baskets or whatever that were given to them to witness this event, they REMEMBERED...

The gifts were the reminders to remember the names given... so when a newborn was to be named in their own village; they did not duplicate the names.

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