Ghost in the closet.


Liza had a boyfriend, ( she was known as Priscilla or Sheila) a Hungarian bartender (beerslinger) named Alex Puha, who ended up in jail over some posession of stolen property

Sandy was a roommate and a good friend in Ottawa and she knows it all. Sandy's Hungarian live in boyfriend/husband was John? He could have been a housepainter or drywaller? Sandy had two Daughters staying with an Aunt; who was raising them because of Sandy's job!!!...

St.Patricks Day

March 17, 1964

March 17, 1965

Long time ago in Trannsylvania, Satu Mare 1954 or 1955 Mecheres Mellitta & Simenfalvy Szabolcs Mellitta must be in her early fiftys now

Ten years later in America. Wonder where is Marjorie Guy

Altoona, PA. around 1964

Remember Old Quaker Daddy's Cabin ?

Jimmy & Sheila Trollop

Toronto, Ont.

Beautiful blonde Sheila; .... Sheila had a Baby Girl maybe 18mos old ? in 1964

Waitress & the Short Order Cook cruising in the White Triumph Sportscar from British Columbia

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