I stared into those biggest of brown eyes and felt the power of her fighting spirit, despite the year long excrutiating pain. Most of the time my heart was in my throat and my mind was awash with counter-productive thougths like, Why Her?!!!, Why Us?!!!

This tiniest of Gladiators tuffed out a six year old battle with breastcancer, during all this time not only consulting and consoling others, but i feel profoundly and positively impacted them. She know she was fighting a loosing battle until the last breath but she kept on fighting.

My precious wife, my love, your MOTHER was not a superhuman being. She was simly a warrior from birth, like any other, who knows no different than to fight the fight and win!

Now I ask you my Sons: what if YOU know No other way to think than to just go out and win? Well boys, that's how the true achievers of this world think 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Further, it is the lack of this thinking process that is most often the sole difference between success and failure.

When failure is perceived as a possibility, it will most likely become your reality.

However, when we envision success as the only option, just as natural as gravity itself, success is achieved. Not without sacrifice. Nor without setbacks. And certainly not without pain. But, it IS achieved!

Personally, and most propably, I'm at least an entry-level workaholic with enough Virgo perfectionism to allow my thinking to stray off course at times. My stress level rises, my thinking patterns disintegrate and I become unfocused. Suddenly, my forward motion is slowed, halted or even reversed.

We all get into such a tailspin from time to time. Then, I think of her, like you can, someone who know no different than to "just do it!", then I found find my way again.

Look, I'm not a preachy person (most of the time anyway), but every now and then we all need a wake up call to remind us of the very simple laws that propel our universe. An we received ours so close to home and in a circumstance we can never forget.

So, remember, when you are down and out, there is nothing that you can not do. Get up and keep on fighting.

How I wish it could be different !!!

Be grateful for the lesson we have learned through the eyes of a Shaman!

To Our Sons on their birthday in June, the year of twothousand.


To Our Sons on their birthday in June, the year of twothousand.