"E S S I A C"

The "Shamans Gold" Story

Indian legend tells that the healing properties of the herbs used in "Shamans Gold" rejuvenate the body and allow it to heal itself.

Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, was given the formula by an Ojibway Shaman, Medicine Man, in Ontario, Canada. For over three decades, until her death, Rene Caisse researched, tested and studied the results of these herbs on thousands of terminally ill cancer patients.

There are a number of Caisse-like formulas in circulation and despite the ongoing squabble as to who has the right to the formula, everyone agrees on the four basic herbs: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrell, Slippery Elm Bark and Indian (turkey) Rhubarb Root.

The testimonials as to its efficacy continue to prove the value of the original formula and carries on the healing tradition.

In making the Extract, our special process tumbles the certified organic herb formulae in 90 proof alcohol continuously for six weeks. Once the alcohol evaporates, the remaining extract is reconstituted and preserved with alcohol, providing the user with 80% pure herbal extract in each drop. No heat is applied during the entire extraction process.

The alcohol used is pharmaceutical grade derived from organic grain. All of our herbs are wild crafted or grown by certified organic herb farms. The extract is a concentrated form of the four original herbs, providing convenient and controlled dosage without the need for special preparations. It contains Inulin, a powerful immune system modulator which attaches to T- cells and makes them work better.

This old Indian Remedy handed to a Canadian nurse in 1920 has brought new hope to many diagnosed with degenerative diseases.

The story is well publicized and many testimonials in the past have proved its authenticity. The method developed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch, M.D. has been promoted and marketed by many over the years. It was always Rene Caisse's desire and intention to provide help to all, whether rich or poor, at a cost affordable to everyone. Unfortunately many marketers and entrepreneurs have, from the beginning, blatantly disregarded this worthy intention; in many instances putting Essiac beyond the pocketbook of the financially less fortunate.

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